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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What types of pets are seen at Kona Veterinary Service?

A: We are a small animal hospital. Our emphasis is on dogs and cats but we are comfortable with rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents and some other ‘pocket pets’. At this time we do not see birds, livestock, or reptiles.


Q: What if my pet needs care when the office is closed?

A: We are available for after hour’s emergencies for clients of Kona Veterinary Service. Our doctors can be reached by pager. There are additional emergency charges. For more information please see our emergency care page.


Q: Do you offer grooming services?

A: We currently do not offer grooming services.


Q: Do you offer boarding?

A: Boarding is offered for active clients only and is limited to geriatric patients and those in need of medical attention. All pets must be current on their health requirements or have veterinary approval.


Q: Are credit cards accepted?

A: We accept most major credits. If you require further financial assistance we offer Care Credit.


Q: Can my pets’ drug prescriptions be filled at your hospital?

A: Prescriptions, including heartworm medication, can only be filled if the patient is a patient of Kona Veterinary Service and the prescription is approved by a veterinarian.


 Direct Release FAQ's


Q: What are the hours of availability and fees for direct release at the Kona Airport? 

A: The fees for inspection at the Kona airport by Kona Veterinary Service for commercial airline arrivals are as follows:

  • Monday-Friday for flight arrivals prior to 6pm the fee is $150.00 + tax for the first pet and $50.00+tax for each additional pet
  • Monday-Friday for flight arrivals 6pm or later the fee is $250.00 + tax for the first pet and $100.00 + tax for each additional pet
  • Saturday, Sunday, and holidays are $250.00+ tax for the first pet and $100.00 + tax for each additional pet for all arrival times
  • We are unavailable on Thanksgiving day, Christmas eve, Christmas day, and New Year's Day.

The fee for inspection for arrivals on charter/private/noncommercial aircraft is $250.00 + tax for the first pet and $100.00 + tax for each additional pet. 

We accept payment by credit card, over the phone, on the day the confirmation of your arrival is filed.  All payment must be received in advance.  A confirmation will not be filed until all fees have been paid.   

The Dept. of Agriculture has separate fees that must be paid directly to their office as well.  You may contact the Animal Quarantine Station at 808-483-7151 or visit their website

Q: Which airlines and flights will qualify my pet for direct release?

A: Many major airlines participate in the direct release program including, but not limited to United, Delta, and Alaska Airlines.  However, you must contact them directly to make arrangements.

In order for a flight to qualify, it must not touch the ground anywhere in the state of Hawaii prior to touching down in Kona.  If you flight has a stop over or lay over on another island you will have to make arrangements to have your pet’s inspection performed on that island before you arrive in Kona.


Q: What documents need to be submitted to Kona Veterinary Service?

A: All information necessary to file the confirmation for inspection at the Kona airport is obtained over the phone.  All required forms and rabies documentation still have to be sent to the Animal Quarantine Station as indicated on their website:

Q: What documents will be required on the day of travel?

A: You will be required to show the airline your Neighbor Island Inspection Permit and your health certificate.  Upon arrival in Kona, you will give both of these documents in original form to the veterinarian performing your inspection. 

Q: What are the deadlines I should be aware of when making my travel plans?

A: All documents need to be submitted to the Dept. of Agriculture at least 30 days prior to the date of arrival.  This includes the confirmation from Kona Veterinary Service that arrangements have been made to perform your pet’s inspection at the Kona airport. Your flight information will be required to file this confirmation and therefore must be booked at least 30 days in advance as well.  All fees must also be paid at this time. 

Q: When do I book my flight?

A: Contact Kona Veterinary Service at 808-345-2400 with your proposed date PRIOR to booking your flight to be sure there is availability on your requested day. 

Q: What if my plans change?

A: Are fees are refundable with the exception of a $50.00 processing fee up to 24 hours in advance of planned arrival date. 

Q: What if my pet is flying alone?

A: Delta Cargo will ship pets directly into Kona. They do have seasonal and breed restrictions, so always check with them prior to planning the trip.

Q: What if we depart from outside the United States?

A: You must either clear customs on the mainland prior to departing for Kona or fly directly into Honolulu.

Q: What if I have questions?

A: If you have Questions regarding scheduling your direct release at the Kona Airport, please call 808-345-2400.

If you have questions regarding the documentation or to see what is necessary for your pet to qualify to enter the state of Hawaii, please call the Department of Agriculture at 808-483-7151 or 808-483-7154 or visit their website




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